jakarta expats property guide

Jakarta expats property guide

Moving to a foreign country can be quite stressful depending on how much you will need to get around before settling down. As exciting as it is to move to a new country and get to experience new cultures and people, it is important to remember how much planning must go into the move. The first and most important thing to cross off the list is finding accommodation. As soon as you land in foreign soil you will need to have permanent accommodation before your life commences, and you become too busy to make any new accommodation plans. This property guide will help expats moving to Jakarta find accommodation in popular expat neighbourhoods mainly located in the south Jakarta area.

Jakarta expats property guide

If you have children, the first thing will be to find a school for them before deciding on where to settle down. In this property guide, we will look at some of the known expat neighborhoods where international schools are located in close proximity. Due to the nightmare traffic jams experienced in Jakarta on a daily basis, it is important to choose a school close to your home as an expat, to make sure your children do not have to spend hours stuck in traffic on a daily basis.


This is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Jakarta, home to some of the most influential residents of in-country, and a must feature in this property guide. The vice president and numerous diplomats have homes in this well-planned area characterized by large streets and expansive homes. The neighborhood is also home to the Pattimura Elementary campus of the Jakarta International School. Additionally the area is home to numerous high-end shopping establishments, a golf club, and sports complex. It is definitely a great place for well to do expats to settle.


This is a middle-class neighborhood characterized by green areas and a peaceful environment, away from the jam-packed streets and skyscrapers. Its inclusion in this property guide is as a result of its popularity with expats due to the Jakarta International School Cilandak campus nearby. Additionally, expats will also find a variety of shopping, entertainment and dining establishments to their liking. The Cilandak commercial Estate offers more elegant townhouses for those who want more luxurious accommodation.

Pondok Indah

Another popular neighborhood with expats covered in this property guide is Pondok Indah. It is an elegantly organized and well-planned community, located close to the Cilandak campus as well as the Pondok Indah elementary campuses of the Jakarta international school. Additionally the area is well covered with modern infrastructure, shopping malls, and entertainment establishments.

South Jakarta is one of the most popular expat residential areas due to the number of international schools around. The residential accommodations also appeal to expats as covered in this property guide.

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