apartments in jakarta

Apartments in Jakarta

Indonesia is well known across the globe for its rich biological and cultural diversity as well as great beaches. Home to many expatriates from nearly all regions of the world, Jakarta has all the qualities of a thriving cosmopolitan city. Even though you are like likely to get a first impression of a choky city from the ever-present public buses, Jakarta compensates with having some of the best shopping malls, great cuisine and friendly smiling faces all around. Finding apartments with shopping mall in Jakarta is therefore quite easy to do.

If you have just relocated to Jakarta, looking for accommodation is usually the first thing you have to do. Even though short term apartment needs may be met by the national or international hotel chains within the town, long term accommodation requires something cheaper. However, you can still get apartments with shopping mall in Jakarta at an affordable price rather than staying at an expensive hotel. For those on very tight budgets, there are some communal living plans that you can choose from. However, if your idea of having a good time is living right next to a shopping mall, then you can go for apartments with shopping mall Jakarta.

One area where you can get apartments with shopping mall in Jakarta is Kemang. There are not only great looking apartments in this region, but also numerous boutiques, restaurants, bars and cafes within a short walking distance. Actually, this particular area is known for largest expat population. Couples and singles usually reside in Kemang, while others go for the centrally located apartments with shopping mall in Jakarta. These particular apartments at the center of the business district are usually a bit costly as they also offer various luxury amenities like a fitness center, spa, and additional security.

Besides the many apartments with shopping mall in Jakarta, there is a lot of entertainment all year round. Both international and local artists have broadened the cultural horizon of this great city and, therefore, sponsor events like music and film festivals each year. The consulates and embassies also contribute by bringing in new talent like pianists to perform at these events. Hence, as you find apartments in Jakarta, your entertainment needs will be well taken care of. However, if your great idea of fun is drinking coffee while contemplating whether to purchase that cut bag you just saw, then Jakarta is not going to disappoint you. The many apartments with shopping mall in Jakarta as well as new malls being built every year means that this town is rapidly becoming a shopping destination like Singapore. There are moderately priced shops and high-end ones, and you can choose the most suitable one.

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