coffee shop in jakarta

Cafes or coffee shops is no longer for getting a boost of caffeine for the day, but it is also a place where people in Jakarta hangs out, attend study groups or work meetings. For many, it is also a place to have their favorite pies, cakes and other desserts. Many varieties are offered, and the latest innovations are Nitro infused cold brew coffee which contains less caffeine. Although some still prefer the strong double shot of espresso, americano, lattes, capucino or ice blended coffees.

Here are some of the recommended coffee shops to visit in Jakarta:

  1. Anomali Coffee, Senopati/Kuningan/Kemang/Plaza Indonesia
  2. Kopi Javva, Senopati
  3. Cinnamon, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta
  4. Tanamera Coffee
  5. Benedict
  6. Liberica, Pacific Place/Gandaria City/Central Park
  7. Crematology
  8. bakoelkoffie

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