things to do in jakarta

Things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is the stunning capital of Indonesia. The country is an archipelago consists of 18,000 islands and is filled with beautiful sights and activities to discover. The capital alone is already a host of wonderful things that can be done by visitors for an entire month. The city is overflowing with different attractions to explore, and is very rich in cultural and historical heritage. Here is a Jakarta guide for you. Things to do in Jakarta.

Down Memory Lane

If you are interested in exploring the historical grandeur of Jakarta, the best place to go is Jakarta Old Town, otherwise known as Old Town Batavia. This area has been considered a heritage since 1969. European voyagers and travelers back in the 16th century praised the beauty of this place. As a result, they even called it the ‘Queen of the East’, as well as ‘Jewel of Asia’.

In Jakarta Old Town, history is at its best with the picturesque and magnificent scenery involving the pleasurable Dutch architecture in the surroundings. The streets are filled with museums and other tourist attractions, including Café Batavia, Gedung Arsip Nasional, Postal Office, Museum Bank Indonesia, as well as the Museum Fatahillah.

There are other buildings that can be seen in the area, as well as open markets and street vendors. Make sure to visit the Sunda Kelapa old harbor, the old drawbridge, and entertain yourself with old Javanese leather puppets that can be found at the Puppet Museum.

Monas: the National Landmark

Your travel guide will not be complete without a visit to Monas. This is a monument especially built in order to commemorate the day that Indonesia finally became a free country. Monas stands for Monumen Nasional. It was built in 1961, by the first President of the country,

During that era, it was considered as the tallest building, overlooking Jakarta, and serving as a very powerful proof of its victory against colonial rule.

The modern day Monas can also provide one of the most exquisite experiences that you will have while in the city. You can reach its top via elevator. There you can see all of Jakarta. You may also take a peek at the independence room, where you can see important historical artifacts. At its base, you can see the National History Museum, as well as the surrounding Merdeka square.

This travel guide to Jakarta provides only a peek of what you can actually see in the city. However, you can also discover that just by walking in the city streets, you can also get to discover some of the most amazing things that in Jakarta.

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