A Boat trip along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

Boat trips along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

One of the most enjoying things you can do during the day time in Bangkok is to take the public boat transportation on Chao Phraya River, often used as the most effective means of transports by Bangkok residents to get to their destinations. The residents along the river also find this transportation method the most efficient, as there are many piers on both sides of the river which may be very close to their homes or place of work.

A lot of the local residents use these ferry boats to work, school, temples, markets, and the price range from 10 – 15 Baht each trip, to any piers. They usually operate between Hours: 06:00 – 19:30 everyday.

Foreigners from all over the world are often seen riding the same boat as they want to experience how locals live their daily lives. However, there are also tourist express ferry boats, that takes them directly to the most common tourist attraction, The Emerald Grand Place, or Wat Phra Kaew. These boats usually go from Saphan Taksin Pier, Si Phraya Pier and straight to Tachang Pier.

A Boat trip along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

Many other types of boats are also available at Chao Phraya River. From the small long tail boats often used to explore the canals, regular public ferry boat transport, smaller public ferry just to cross to the other side, private hotel shuttle boats and also large dinner cruises along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Another reason to take a boat ride along Chao Phraya is to go to Asiatique night market. A shuttle boat is available from the Saphan Taksin Pier, and everyone can ride no this free of charge boat to and from Asiatique and Saphan Taksin.


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