Best seafood restaurant in Bangkok

Seafood restaurants are very common to find in this vibrant city, however not all of them serves fresh and delicious cuisine. Bangkok itself is not far away from the shore line, about half an hour drive, one can sea the beach. There are abundant of seafood restaurant in this area called ‘Bang Kun Tien’, and all of these Thai Seafood Restaurant offer a variety such as crabs, blue crabs, fishes, shrimp, shells, lobsters, oysters and many others. Apart from seafood, many local residents visit the temples, others go there for a boat ride to the sea hoping to be fortunate enough to see a glimpse of the whales.

In the city itself, seafood are very common and frequently visit by tourists and locals alike. Most of the seafood restaurant in Bangkok are as follow:

Best Seafood Restaurant in Bangkok

  1. Jae Ngor
  2. Somboon
  3. Laem Charoen Seafood
  4. Savoey Seafood
  5. Sornthong Seafood
  6. Laemgate



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