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Co-working space in Bangkok


Some of the co-working space in bangkok are located across the city. New co-working spaces have  opened up in many parts of Bangkok. It is used for collaboration or teaming up for a certain project, make presentations to potential clients or even to hold seminars or events to promote a company. A lot of start-ups in Bangkok have been a temporary resident in co-working spaces, before moving up to having their own lavish office property.

These co-working space establishments are equipped with an admin that represents your company and serves you, i.e.., any materials sent by your clients to the office.

They are suitable for start-ups because the cost depends on any length of stay, usually daily monthly or even hourly. Some of them also offered meeting rooms, cubicles, small to medium sized rooms with desk and a stunning view from a high rise building.


Some of the best co-working space in Bangkok:

  1. Launchpad –
  2. Bluespace –
  3. Hubba Thailand –
  4. Hangar –
  5. Bigwork –
  6. The work loft –
  7. S 64 Co working space –
  8. The Hive Thonglor –
  9. Muchroom –
  10. E 88 Bangkok –


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